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Running, foraging and reflecting

Today I sat in my garden and nobody could see me. There is a spot where I can sit, hidden by shrubs, beech hedge and a really big and odd Tropical Thing, and not one of my many neighbours can see me.  This is such a simple thing, but it feels secretive, subversive, deliciously under the radar.

I sat invisible and quiet, watching house martins swoop and dive across the rooftops, cradling a lovely clay vessel cup of raspberry leaf tea to my frankly grumpy womb (menopausal periods. A complete trip, but only if you can give them the time and space they/you need) and…. did nothing! What. A. Treat.

It was a result of pausing, and listening. I had been mooning about, running through the list of things I could do on my day off, most of which were pleasant, but not really doing any of them. And so I didn’t, which led me to sitting. And that was what I wanted and needed to do.

I had another listening this morning too. I went for a run, which was also good. As I ran along Rodborough Lane, *something* arrested my attention. Does this ever happen to you? It does to me. I feel a particular compulsion to be at a particular spot or do a particular thing, and if I don’t it …. nags. Uncomfortably.  I don’t always listen and I always regret it. This particular something was a gate leading to a footpath. I dithered for a minute, and then decided to leave my planned route and go down it. Having decided – I stepped forth decisively – a bird of prey called loudly 3 times from a tree above me. Once over the stile, I found a beautiful watery fossil right at my foot. When it was in my hand, I felt a satisfied ‘rightness’.

Back in my garden, once I had sat, I was restored. I cooked chicken stock, I cleaned the kitchen, I picked up the kids from school, I did a sneaky forage in the park, and have now made wild garlic flower vinegar, wild garlic butter (thanks Steve England for the idea) and a nettle infusion set brewing for tomorrow. Nom nom!


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  • What a superb find – your fossil! Is it part of a fish do you think, being found in a watery site? I know what you mean about sensing ‘something’ you know not what and allowing yourself to be led I have learnt to rely upon instinct more and more. In fact I jive just come back from a walk in our churchyard 2.30am amongst the thickly scattered blossom petals between banks of Queen Anne’s Lace ( oh let them call it lCow Parsley if they will!), then standing sentinel, very still against the stone column of the iron gates a very young and exquisetly beautiful young fox trotted right up to me! Surely he sensed my presence? But he seemed unafraid. I was more concerned about my fox mad – chase-mad old lurcher returning, but she was busy scuffling around further in the white lacy depths! Of course I left a treat for young Master Fox, that’s one chicken breast less for husband – but he’ll never know!

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