Creating connection with nature

The Wheel Within workshops are specifically designed to help you connect to the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth as it turns.

An opportunity  to take time out, to connect with something bigger than ourselves and reflect on how what is happening in nature might be reflected in our own lives. These workshops are secular and everyone is welcome, from all faiths and none.

What are the workshops like?

A typical Wheel Within workshop will include:
  • Exploring ways to connect to the land we are working and forge a deeper relationship with the natural world
  • Simple, powerful, visualisations and acts to explore the themes associated with the season and how these may be reflected in our own journey and story
  • ‘Talking Stick’ to share, witness and honour our experiences while sitting in circle.
  • Hands on – creating things to help cement our actions, thoughts and intents from the day to take forward as the year turns or simply to learn a new skill.

What do I need to bring?

We will be working outside as much as possible for all of these workshops so please wear weather-appropriate clothes – waterproofs and waterproof footwear, sun cream and hats, and as many layers as you feel you will need depending on the weather. Depending on the weather and theme of the workshop, we will also work in the wonderful roundhouse at Feed Bristol – but there will always be an outdoor component to the workshop whatever the weather. At some workshops we will have lunch together. so you will need to bring some food, and you will also need to bring a drink – it’s suprisingly thirsty work! I will let you know if you need to bring anything for a  particular workshop in the joining email.