Creating connection with nature


By becoming more aware of the Earth’s natural cycles and exploring how these resonate within ourselves and the stories of our lives, we can deepen our connection to ourselves and nature.

The Wheel Within is an annual series of workshops and other events currently held in Bristol in a beautiful roundhouse on the Avon Wildlife trust community growing project/urban farm at Feed Bristol

The Wheel Within is for anyone who:

  • Loves the natural world and want to explore a deeper connection with it through their own stories and experiences
  • Wants to step outside of the everyday and find some quiet, peaceful contemplative space
  • Would like to enter into sacred space in a secular setting
  • Feels like they would like to be part of ‘something bigger’  and gain a greater sense of being part of the cycle of nature and of life
  • Wants to spend more meaningful time outdoors to support their personal and physical wellbeing

There is a growing sense that we are becoming increasingly disconnected from the land and it’s natural cycles, and that this disconnect is at least partially responsible for many things, including our increasing misuse of natural resources and the general sense of vague psychological and physical malaise that many of us feel.

In the past (literally only a generation or two ago) we didn’t have to try to forge this connection and relationship – it happened without effort through our everyday life. We walked to work and school and the shops, played outside, and often grew some of our own food. For many of us this is no longer the case, and we need to consciously create space and time for ourselves to do so if we wish.  The Wheel Within provides exactly that space and time.